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Get Followers Fast with Tweet Adder 3.0!!!

Is Tweet Adder A Scam?

In short, it is ABSOLUTELY not.  It does not offer  false promises of getting followers because it works and it works well. Check out my Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words post for some visual proof.

What is Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder is an automated Twitter management tool built to help you gain followers, manage incoming/outgoing messages and much much more…

Tweet Adder 3.0

Hey Guys,

So if your here, your wondering if Tweet Adder is the right thing for you.  You may be asking yourself will Tweet Adder really bring me more followers?  Well, I was wondering the same thing not too long ago.  I could not get past 450 followers on Twitter, I was at a 4:1 ratio of following:followers and could get no more followers.  I have used other software that is similar to Tweet Adder but had no luck, So, after hearing about Tweet Adder I, like yourself, decided to do a little research on it. In the past, like many others have been fast to try things that were “promised” to work miracle only to be thoroughly disappointed.  I decided to download the Tweet Adder demo and give it a go. Though the demo is only limited to sending out 215 Targeted Automated Followings (which took 5-7 minutes) within the next couple hours I was already seeing my followers grow.  I have since bought Tweet Adder and have not regretted it.  Now I am at a 1.2:1 ratio of  following:followers.   I have even become an affiliate  for Tweet Adder, I am now using this amazing tool to generate extra income for myself.

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What you get with Tweet Adder

    •  6 Laser Targeted, GLOBAL Twitter User Search Tools That Search
      • keyword
      • location
      • recency
      • language spoken
      • ability to remove profiles with default picture
      • ability to remove profiles with url’s in tweets or biography

Automated Tweet Search Example Searches Include ( Can combine to form more complex searches)

    • containing a word: twitter
    • Containing multiple words:  twitter marketing
    • Negation:  twitter -marketing
    • Exact phrase:  “twitter marketing”
    • OR:  twitter OR tweets
    • Containing a hash tag:  #twitter
    • Not From a user:  -from:username
    • To a user:  to:username
    • Mentioning a user  @username

With the purchase of Full Activation Key(s) you will also recieve

  • Free unlimited software updated and support
  • No monthly or recurring fees
  • Lifetime License
  • You can Upgrade your Activation to a Higher Profile Activation at any time
  • Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!
  • Registration Key Immediately Emailed on Purchase (24/7)
  • License is good for up to 3 computer installations

Types of Tweet Adder Packages at 20% off with Coupon Code

Coupon Code is: JOHN20

  1. Single Twitter Account at 20%off
  2. 5 Twitter Accounts at 20%off
  3. 10 Twitter Accounts at 20%off
  4. Unlimited Twitter Accounts at 20%off

You can Upgrade Activation at any time you choose.

So Why Wait???

With more and more people joining Twitter every day.  You could have large following faster to promote your business, music, career, to make a little money (like myself) or just to have an Enormous Fan Base.  Tweet Adder is the right choice for any reason.  Don’t forget use PROMO CODE: JOHN20 for 20% off.


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